Caring for your new investment...

Once you have been tattooed and leave the studio it is 100% your responsibility to care for the healing of your new tattoo! The two weeks after your appointment is a very crucial period and can effect how your tattoo turns out. Every tattoo artist will tell you something different. I swear by this method because it has been foolproof for me since the beginning.

You can plan ahead and purchase your aftercare products prior to your appointment so you are prepared as soon as you get home.

  • You should adhere to this regimen for TWO WEEKS post-tattoo for the best healing results possible.
  • I suggest two products for the entire healing process: Aquaphor (healing ointment) and Dial Anti-Bacterial soap (Original liquid, in the pump). Pictured on the right -->
  • Remove the cotton bandage I send you home in no longer than 1-2 hours after our appointment. If you notice the bandage sticks, do not force it off. Moisten with warm water and slowly peel off.
  • You might not need to apply any ointment immediately. Only wash immediately if tattoo has traces of blood or excess ink and needs to be cleaned. Only apply more ointment if tattoo feels dry or tight.
  • 2-3 times daily apply a very, very, very thin coat of Aquaphor on your tattoo. Treat your tattoo like an open wound that can get easily infected for the first few days - so please be sure you wash your hands before applying ointment! If someone is assisting you with your ointment, be sure their hands are clean and they understand how thin the ointment needs to be applied. It should NOT be sticky or shiny. It should only be enough to moisturize the skin. If applied too thick, it will suffocate the skin and could cause breakouts and affect the healing of your tattoo. Your skin needs to breathe to heal properly.
  • It's OK to get your tattoo wet for a little while in the shower! Wash your tattoo once daily with the Dial Anti-Bacterial soap (no soaking in baths!) You do not need to wash your tattoo more frequently unless it was exposed to dirt or dust. Use your hands for this, never use abrasive sponges or cloths.
  • Pat (never rub) dry with clean towel or paper towel.
  • If you work in a dirty or dusty environment please protect your tattoo! Be sure it's covered in clean, breathable (cotton) material.
  • After approximately 2-3 days your tattoo will begin to feel itchy and will peel a little. Some excess ink might come off with this peel. Do not worry - this is totally normal! It is your skin healing and regenerating. DO NOT under any circumstances scratch or pick at your tattoo. Sometimes a little extra Aquaphor will take the edge off that itch. 
  • Avoid getting any products with fragrance on your tattoo. This can cause irritation and adversely effect the healing of your tattoo. No perfume or pretty lotions, ladies! No scented body wash or sunscreen, dudes. And no shimmery powder or glitter, burlesque performers!
  • Besides fragrance, please avoid the following for the two week period: sun exposure, swimming, soaking of any kind.
  • Keep your tattoo protected from pets. Dogs especially love the scent of a fresh tattoo! 
  • Do not allow anyone to touch your tattoo before it is fully healed.
  • After the two week healing period, if you find your tattoo is still dry and tight you may switch to any fragrance-free lotion. I particularly love Aveeno.
  • Only after your tattoo is fully healed and you plan to play in the sunshine: please, please, please use the highest SPF you possibly can for the long-term care of your tattoo. Sun is the #1 enemy of your tattoo's longevity (ever leave colored fabric in the back window of your car for too long?). If you protect it over the years it'll stay beautiful that much longer!

I will review this information with you immediately after your tattoo as well as give you a card with a brief outline of basics and what you need to purchase. You will have this to refer to at any time so there's no excuse for not knowing! You went through quite a bit of pain and money for your tattoo. Treat your new investment with care. 

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns!