My story in a nutshell...

Tattooing at 1228 Tattoo in Williamsburg, summer 2013.

Tattooing at 1228 Tattoo in Williamsburg, summer 2013.

I'm a born and bred New York City girl. The unique culture and current of this town is the fiber that my world was built on. Starting from a young age I was taken to museums, galleries, shows and concerts. 

My father was a self-taught artist/musician and encouraged me to pursue art all of my life. I attended art-centric schools starting in Junior High School and went on to attend LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts and Music & Art (aka The Fame school). Finally graduating from Brooklyn's Pratt Institute with a BFA in Advertising Art Direction, I was trained to become a corporate artist but felt it couldn't be further from who I am. 

I left the advertising field to chase after more bohemian pursuits while getting a ho-hum 9-5 job to support my free spirited nature.  I ran my own costume making business and became a gypsy-like vendor at Renaissance Faires and Pagan Festivals. I explored sculpture, painting, photography, costume design, Middle-Eastern & flamenco dancing and guitar playing. After I left the roving travelers lifestyle, I settled into burlesque performing for a few years. All the while getting the token tattoo here and there to mark special passages in my life.

My creative soul needed more. Returning to drawing and painting , I ultimately found my perfect  professional  artistic path in tattooing. I always loved tattoos but as the years went on, my intent with them became more focused. I began to collect more serious tattoos and finally knew what I needed to do. For so long, I went outside of my comfort zone in search of everything else I wasn't familiar with for "the answer". Turns out, it was always at the very root of my natural talents: drawing. My style of drawing/illustrating would have lent itself to tattooing if I thought of it way back in college. But it took this entire magickal journey for me to find the right time to surrender to it.

It's good to be home.