Let's begin the process...

To get started, please email me the following: your idea, any supporting reference images, placement, color vs. black and gray, size, etc. I can only give an approximate price guesstimate with this information. A final price is usually determined during an in-person consultation.

Deposits: A $100 *non-refundable* deposit is required, for all tattoo appointments. This amount comes out of your tattoo in the end. It is not an extra charge.

Drawing review: In general I do not draw very far in advance from the day of the tattoo appointment. If you would rather schedule a "drawing review" as opposed to an actual tattoo appointment, just ask! Please know that once you see the drawing it will be an additional waiting period as another appointment must be booked for the tattoo itself. Adjustments can be made to the design within reason, however if you need me to make extensive edits I will require an additional deposit for time spent on the first drawing. No emailing or picture taking of my original artwork is allowed.

Tattoo pricing: My minimum is $80(no matter how small the tattoo is). If I can accomplish your tattoo in one visit I will price it by the piece (pricing dictated by size, detail, color vs. black and gray, placement, etc). My rate is $180 per hour, normally booking 3-4 hour sessions at a time for larger pieces. 

If you do not live in the immediate Los Angeles area and need to make special travel arrangements to get tattooed, I can conduct remote consultations via email or Skype. I accept deposits via PayPal or credit card over the phone. I am also planning on travelling to NYC 3-4 times a year to take my East Coast clientele as well!

Please note: My work is 100% custom. I do not tattoo artwork done by others (contemporary artists) unless I have explicit permission from the artist and - it is also something I desire to work on. I will not sketch anything unless you have put down a deposit and are booked to actually get tattooed or have a drawing review.

Email scarlettattoos@gmail.com

Please refer to my FAQ page if you have any other questions.

Don't see the answer there? Drop me a line.