Things you should know...

How far in advance should I book with you?

I'm currently building up my West Coast clientele. While my calendar is fairly open, if you are making special travel arrangements to come to Los Angeles, please email me up to 4 weeks in advance so I'm sure to set aside the time for you. I can be very flexible with enough advance notice!

Will you return to NYC to tattoo ever again?

NYC will always be my home and I will always return.  I plan to make trips 3-4 times a year to tattoo my East Coast people. I will announce taking NYC appointments on my social media pages (so connect to me and keep your eyes peeled so you don't miss out!). These bookings will be *very* limited and will be sure to book up fast. Notify me if you are an existing client and want to be put on my VIP email list. You will receive a special email notification of my travel plans and you will get priority in booking a spot.

What methods of payment do you accept?

I accept cash and credit cards. 

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

Be sure you bring your state-issued photo ID for paperwork. You cannot get tattooed you without this.

EAT! One of the biggest mistakes folks make is to arrive hungry. Your body needs fuel so it can cope with the stress you are about to put it through. If you forget or don't have time,  I will force you to get something! You risk getting sick, light-headed or worse - passing out. You're in good hands should this occur but let's not go there at all.

Please don't arrive severely hungover or drunk. You *will* be sent home and you will lose your deposit.

Wear loose fitted clothing so that you will be comfortable sitting in whatever weird position you need to be in. Be sure to wear something that will accommodate the area of the body we are working on. For example - don't wear skinny jeans if we're tattooing your calf, don't wear high-waisted pants if I need to access your hips (yoga/sweat pants or skirts do nicely!), ladies - expect to have to undo your bra if we're doing a big back piece on you, etc. Use your best judgment and if you're not sure, just ask me!

Can I see my drawing in advance?

All drawings are done in order of scheduled tattoo appointments. This makes it very difficult to have finished art any farther in advance than the couple of days leading up to your tattoo. I understand that you are excited about marking your body forever. But have faith, dear client. If you've gone so far as to book me for an appointment, you've obviously done your homework and have chosen me for a reason. However if you need extra reassurance, ask about scheduling a "drawing review" instead of an actual tattoo appointment. 

Can you email me the drawing before the appointment? Can I take the drawing home and think about it?

No. This is simply to protect my art as my property. Once it's tattooed on you, I can give you a copy of your drawing. But in the event you don't get it tattooed, I can't risk it getting into the hands of someone else who will most likely not do my art justice.

What if I'm not 100% about what you've drawn for me?

No worries! Changes can be made - within reason. A couple of small edits? No problem. A complete redraw? Still no problem, but another deposit will be required and we will have to reschedule our tattoo appointment. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Advance notice of 48 hours is required to cancel an appointment. If you cancel with less notice, your deposit must be absorbed and another one will be required to book again. Otherwise,  your deposit will remain on hold until you are ready to book an appointment at a later, more convenient time.

Why is my deposit non-refundable?

I need to make sure I am investing my time and energy with serious clients only. This tends to weed out folks who might waste my time otherwise. 48 hours notice is required to reschedule because sometimes it is not possible to find another client to fill the space that's been reserved for you. 

What if an unpredictable life-event occurs and I absolutely cannot get tattooed anymore?

Please communicate this to me! I am a very, very understanding person. I ultimately want to tattoo you, but do not want you to compromise important life-stuff that sometimes comes up out of nowhere. Stuff happens.

What is the legal age in NY and CA to get a tattoo?

18. Yes, other states allow younger folks to get tattooed with written consent by a parent or guardian. But in NY and CA, I have to abide by their laws. No exceptions.

Do you have a license? What are your credentials?

I have a NYC and California state license issued by the Board of Health and I obtained a proper apprenticeship in a tattoo shop before becoming a full time tattooer. I also have years of art school under my belt as well as a BFA from Pratt Institute to back up my technical tattooing skills. Additionally, I have a history in customer service so you're sure to have a completely pleasant and personable experience.

Why are your rates so high? My cousin's friend could tattoo me in his house for free...

For the quality, knowledge and safety you will receive - my rates are extremely reasonable. Your money does not just go into the time we spend merely applying the tattoo. That money goes into art, tattooing and cleaning supplies, overhead, time spent researching and drawing your *original* piece, my experience level and training background and the general experience provided. By all means, if you seek a cheap or free tattoo that is your choice. However you will get what you (don't) pay for! At least arm yourself with the knowledge that this person might be doing it for free because no reputable shop would hire them and they most likely lack the knowledge to properly tattoo you (let alone tattoo you well) and keep you safe from infectious blood-born diseases. It's your health. And it's your body. Forever.

How can I be sure you work safe and clean?

My license assures you that I am knowledgable in cross-contamination prevention. My hands-on, in-shop training background/experience should assure you that I have been instilled with solid safety practices. All needles and tubes are disposable and single use. I NEVER reuse any materials on anyone. Everything I touch during our session is covered with a disposable plastic barrier. If it would make you feel better to watch me set up my station, just ask! I take great pride in keeping my studio clean and employ as many safety measures as possible so that you are comfortable, assured and feel protected. 

What if I am allergic to certain inks? Or latex?

Please make me aware of any allergies you may be concerned about. If you need to know the brand of inks that I use and their ingredients I would be more than happy to provide this information. If you aren't sure about which inks you might be allergic to, I would be more than happy to have you come in for spot testing (I charge my studio minimum of $100 for this service). Please let me know if you are allergic to latex as I sometimes use latex gloves but have nitrile on hand.

Is it OK to exercise before and/or after my tattoo?

Yes you can workout pre-tattoo. Please be considerate and shower afterwards since we're going to be so physically "close" and all. Post-tattoo you might want to take it easy for the first couple of days. Use your best judgment and don't push yourself if you're sore. Obviously, you wouldn't want to do any exercises that might come into contact with or be abrasive to your new piece. And of course if you sweat profusely, rinse your tattoo off so it's not "stewing" in your own juices.

How long does healing take? Can I swim the week after I get tattooed?

Healing generally takes a minimum of 2 weeks. It is not recommended you do ANY of the following activities in less than 2 weeks of receiving your tattoo: swim, soak in water, exposure to sun, apply fragrance products. Please refer to my Aftercare section for more information on this topic. PLEASE keep this time frame in mind if you are working around scheduling vacations, excursions, special occasions, etc.

Do you do coverups?

Sure! It just depends what kind of tattoo you are looking to coverup and what you're willing to cover it up with. Some coverups are easier than others, some need the aid of a little laser lightening, some are sadly beyond coverup help completely and some folks aren't willing to go as big as we might need to go in order to successfully coverup the old work. I won't know unless I see it, so send me an email with a picture and we'll take it from there.

Why don't you offer more styles in your tattooing?

I have tried almost every style of tattooing at least a few times and I truly believe one does not need to be a Jack-of-all-trades in this business. I generally avoid doing traditional American (aka "Old School") or traditional Japanese tattoos because I feel there are already soooo many artists out there who spend their entire careers specializing in it. I have great respect for those artists and know they put a lot of time and research in learning their art form. I take on the projects that I know I'm best at and would much rather send you to folks who specialize in those styles than try to mimic what they do. Sure, I've done Old School "inspired" work but it will always come out looking like a Scarlet tattoo and not Sailor Jerry.  I intend to get back into portrait work at a slow and respectful pace so that I can provide the best quality tattoos that I can possibly offer. 

Don't see the answer to your question here? Email me!