What folks are saying about Scarlet...

It's amazing to know someone who has so clearly found exactly what they should be doing in life, and who has such obvious joy - and skill - in it. Scarlet's art is stunning - after talking briefly about the 'story' behind any of my ideas she has created pieces that are incredibly personal and beautiful, and that 'feel' exactly right while being completely original pieces in her own unique style. And it's a bonus that just being around her is always a delightful experience!

-Nasty Canasta, burlesque performer and producer

Scarlet Sinclair is one of the coolest tattoo artists that I have ever had the pleasure of getting a tattoo from. I went to her with an idea and together we came up with an even better concept, resulting in an ever better tattoo... I couldn't be happier with the end result. And, I am looking forward to working with her again.

-Erika Petrizzo

I love love love my tattoo! The gorgeous Scarlet Sinclair inked me for my first tattoo. It's so gorgeous and the colors so vibrant. I get at least 1 compliment every day on it. I will be back soon for my second.

-Lorie F

 I had gotten two smaller tattoos but then I wanted something more intricate and elaborate. I had a tattoo design in mind for about a year before a friend told me to go to Scarlet because he thought I'd love her work. Love is an understatement. Four tattoos later (and more to go!) I've never encountered anyone who is as talented, artful and unique as Scarlet. Her eye for design, what works (and certainly what doesn't work) is unmatched and her line work and shading is breathtaking. Honestly, I feel like a walking museum with her tattoos on me. 

-Terri LaVelle, Marketing Manager

 I've known for years that Scarlet is an incredibly talented artist, and when she decided to take on tattooing, it was clear that the world of body art had been truly blessed! I just got my first tattoo from her, and not only is her artwork divine but she's also extremely professional, a gentle touch, and accepted my newbie questions with grace. I can't imagine going to anybody else to get inked.  

-Nanci Moy

Scarlet is not only a lovely, charming, stylish and classy lady, she is one of the most talented artists I've ever met... And I've met a lot of them. She has a great eye and can help with any idea you come in with to make your permanent art perfect. I strongly suggest that if you are seeking a great tattoo artist she should be at the top of your list. And she likes rock and roll. Another huge plus.

-Ron V.

I come all the way from Arizona to get tattooed by Scarlet Sinclair at Scarlet Tattoos!  The shop is clean, all instruments are sterile, the environment is lovely and Scarlet herself is very professional, and an extremely talented artist!  I get compliments on my tattoos all the time, and I'm grateful to Scarlet for her excellent work - - pricing is fair too!  Definitely, if you're looking to get some beautiful skin art, seek out this shop and schedule an appointment!

-Shelley S.

Scarlet is the only person I trust to take my vision and permanently transfer it to my body. Her artistry, skill, and bed side manner are second to none. No one else gets near me with a needle but Scarlet.

-Drew G., Director and executive producer Chimera Productions

Scarlet was AH-MAY-ZING! to work with (and so patient as I tried to stay still since most of my work was on bone...ouch!).  I was recommended to her by a friend and can't tell you how excited I am about my new piece. The lines are so meticulous & precise.  The color and shading is exactly what I wanted.  It's, no doubt, the best piece on my person.  I get compliments on it daily.  If you want an awesome piece to last a lifetime, go see Scarlet. 

-Stephanie Kelley, actress and reflexologist

 Between a full sleeve and a major piece on my opposite shoulder, both of which hold deep spiritual significance for me, I have spent probably somewhere in the range of 40 hours under Scarlet's care/hand.  She cares significantly and deeply for her craft as well as the meaning behind the reasons one chooses to get tattooed, and it shows in the time and attention she pays to detailed execution. 

-Ben Velez

I am in the middle of a huge back piece with Scarlet Sinclair. Now, I have a fair amount of tattoos and have been "inked" by a few people in my time, but Scarlet has the softest touch! You can literally fall asleep in the chair because the environment is so relaxing and her energy is just so calming. She is incredibly talented, sweet, and straight-up AMAZEBALLS! If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, go to her!

-Gloria D.

My first large piece was done by Scarlet. 
Bacchus god of wine. A statue piece replicated perfectly. The detail of the beard and grapes is lifelike. Love her patience and her attention to the fine lines. Great job. Very happy!
It's an intimate atmosphere.

-Michael L.

Scarlet did the most amazing one of a kind faerie wings on my back 2 years ago.  It is a full back piece, the colors pop and it fits me and my style perfectly. She incorporated my favorite flower delphinium and and African Sankofa symbol into the design.  I would recommend Scarlet to anyone interested in a high quality, one of a kind unique tattoo that you will be happy to wear the rest of your life.

-Michelle B.

When i first walked into shop I was greeted with a smile and when asked to speak with Scarlet i was lucky enough to catch her on a slow day and she came around the corner with that lovely smile of hers and discussed my tattoo idea i could feel right away she wasn't just yessing me to death. She really connects with each tattoo she does so we setupthe dates and got started  she does them extremely well. Myself and fellow friends who all have tattoos loved it from the moment the outline was on right up till we filled in the color and i have loved it ever since. I highly recommend her to anyone i know looking for a tattoo

-James G.